Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Weirdest ever, even for me. A true original.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



20 acre Japanese gardens 2 miles from home. Amazing what's hidden around here. Quiet!

In 1927 Fujitaro Kubota bought five acres of logged-off swampland in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle and began his garden. A 1907 emigrant from the Japanese Island of Shikoku, he established the Kubota Gardening Company in 1923. Fujitaro was a man with a dream. Entirely self-taught as a gardener, he wanted to display the beauty of the Northwest in a Japanese manner and was soon designing and installing gardens throughout the Seattle area. 
As Fujitaro’s landscaping business prospered, his Rainier Beach garden grew to include twenty aces. It was the family home, the business office, the design and display center. And nursery to grow plant materials for the gardens installed by the Kubota Gardening company. The family was very generous in sharing access to the garden, and for many years it was a center for social and cultural activities for the Japanese community in Seattle.


Tow truck driver lives down the block. I love this place. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Made up this little bottle of absynthe for Seth. Phosphorescent paint sealed over with model paint. The aqua-green hue of the drink compliments the glow effect. Hard to photograph.

Would you like to be sad?

You may think I look sad
But I am just sleeping
It’s my facial expression
I’m probably dreaming
Would you like to be sad?
Would you like me to teach you?
Well, you can learn to be sad
But you must practice like I do
You must follow directions
And learn it right from the start
There isn’t a short cut
It must come from your heart
There are those who are happy
There are those who are wise
But it’s the truly sad people
Who get the most out of life
You may think I look sad
But I am just sleeping
It’s my facial expression
I’m probably dreaming



Monday, March 22, 2010


I have a bamboo fetish. I could stare at any free growing bamboo for hours. Lithe and long-lined, strong and yet graceful, not rigid. Leaves like knife blades. Stark yellowish-green hues. Great raspy sound in the wind.

It's a little more tedious, and less sensual, when you try and still life it by pencil. The Chinese found that brush and ink allowed for a gentle and yet still sharp way of creating such images. And you could produce these images rather quickly, like bamboo grows. Art imitates life, often times even in process.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

David's Tower

Friend of old and architect David Richardson recently whipped up this cardboard tower with a little glue. Told him it was amazing, loved the symmetry, that it reminds me of an Escher. He agreed, but said it had some kinks that needed to be worked out. I wanted to post a picture of it, even though it aint fixed....

Monday, March 8, 2010


PE just never gets old.....

Public Enemy
"Bring that Beat Back"

[verse 1]
Played in Cincinatti
Wit my whole head nappy
Made a rally in the street
Wit nothin' but a beat
Gotta grudge against a judge
Kick em out that seat
You are what you eat
So what you eatin'
Same message to your mind
Be self defeatin'
Sick n tired of bein' sick
And tired of bein' beaten
Saw em drop it like it
Was way too hot and too fast
For hip-hop doo-wop rock or bop
Ain't here to hurt you
Don't hang in them circles
Government ain't got me
Yet so yall don't stop me
See a stampede of fake cats
Runnin from Bill Cosby
What does he gotta do
wit you doin you?
Yall know what?
DJ Lord gimme that cut
Bring that beat back
That's what's up

[Verse 2:]
Feedback from truly
Freed blacks
Gotta think outta this
Box of hard knocks
Lined em up at Fort Knox
To die in Iraq
You don't know I rock?
What you under a rock?
Old cats beggin' us to
bring that beat back
Each generation thinks
The next one is wack
Jumpstarted in the daze of crack
R&B Reagan, daddy Bush
Way the hell on back
Pray to god
Feel like I got a church in
myself, good god uh
Can't get no help
I say again health care cutback
Shit is whack
Bring that beat back

[Verse 3:]
They say the youth don't matter
And the old don't mind
It takes a lotta spine
To build all them young minds

Some of us get ghetto at
the wrong damn time
Album what? we just
makin' one at a time
To save another brother
whose life on the line
A big shot to claim some
rocks and shine
Signs of a soul gone solo
Robbed blind
A very small part of half
the worlds crime
Runaway child blown by
an old land mine
Little ones workin' in diamond mines

So cats can say what's
hers and what's mine
Diamonds are girls best friend
So why's he cryin'?

[Verse 4:]
See when y'all hear it get near it
And you recognize the lyrics
You trained to refrain
And you start to fear it, escapism
Like today there ain't racism
Obviously y'all ain't see
Black folks on TV
Judgment calls
Made on behalf of you and me
Or you and I
Do or die
I say an "I" for an "I"
Dividin' line
Got the poor people
Payin' for crime
Corporations gettin' paid
off our jail time
Now y'all can tell Russell
Yes I knock the hustle
Cause 2 million in lock-down
Under federal muscle
Beyond the streets
These kids is always watchin'
Watching some of these
jerks when they go berserk
So I work...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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