Thursday, June 28, 2012


Is facebook giving me an alternate consciousness -one far less competent or independent? why am i thinking/doing anything in terms of audience? 

Luckily my blogs don't have that kind of delusional grandeur. I know nobody looks at the blogs, based on statistical data I can look at. Only very random, mostly failed google searches. It's very freeing....not that I don't still have an inner monologue that speaks as if acting out a part, I do...but there's something uniquely symbolic in my life to the act of performing for an empty theatre. That truth started for me when I realized that I wasn't being watched all the time, by a god, by the government (knock knock...the pun reverses the purposeful result), or by anyone as long as I was able to be alone. 

It's realizing you're alone, while still entertaining the feeling that there's someone watching. And there is, the (false) Self. 

I do not like the blogs as my form of keeping a journal or diary. I don't know why I've taken to this modality. The obvious answer is course, ease and speed and multi-media aspect of it....and I like glowing pixels. But I miss the books I once poured into. Even if I rarely finished one page for page. The feeling of paper  and ink and paint, and the weight of a book. 

Afterthought: It's the moments in life where you loose this sense of voyeurism of the ego -that it's looking back at itself- where you truly live. Emptiness, sunyata, what have's the void -the singularity that observes and does not observe itself, that is the true Self, peeled of the conscious layers until left naked and unquestioning. No mirror, no projection. Just subject. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 Wood, nail, iPod, headphones. 5.5'' x 11.5''

Potentially too controversial for prospective employers, this new piece will have to land here for now. Which is goofy but true. It's really more of a commentary on our societies collective newfound habit of worshiping technology -which I call "iDolotry"- than anything to do with Christianity. (Crucifixion was a form punishment used by several major civilizations before the Roman Empire, and after.) Every time I see the masses with their heads down and hands clasped around their little phones and iPods or whatever, completely oblivious and their minds somewhere else literally high in the sky, it looks like praying to me. Brings a whole new perspective on "Cloud" technology and divine (AKA wireless) inspiration. The satellites are our angels beaming down at us from heaven, protecting us from not knowing who's posted to our Facebook...

A note about the logo: One friend told me this could be a meme (I had to look it up and still didn't get it. So another friend clarified, and told me to put a watermark on it. I later got paranoid and agreed, but I think it makes it look silly/poppy. I tried my hardest to make it look like the QAD was designed for it.


Just happened upon this in a stack of papers, must be Lara's. But check the logo and compare it to the one I developed. Pretty odd coincidence...


Monday, January 9, 2012


I knew we lived in a somewhat angry neighborhood, but now it seems it is also politically charged. Or at least it would seem that way. This bank arson attempt leaves me perplexed. Was it fueled (yes pun) by the Occupy movement?? Or did the bomber receive extemporaneous surcharges on all of his savings account like I did? I would like to sit down and have tea with this person, ask him/her some questions.

Firebomb Defused at Othello Bank, Streets Reopened

JANUARY 6, 2012
KOMO (RVP News partner)
OTHELLO – Streets have reopened and light rail service has resumed near Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Othello Street after police defused an incendiary device at a bank near there.
The device was spotted Friday at about 6:35 a.m. by a customer at a Chase Bank branch in the 7100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South.
The customer, Ericson Gonzales, told KOMO News that he and his wife went to use a cash machine at the bank and spotted a box with two bottles taped together with wires in the foyer of the bank, under an ATM.
Gonzales said the device looked dangerous.
“I’m scared for my wife’s safety,” he said.
Gonzales said he flagged down police, who went to the scene and immediately closed streets and shut down light rail service in the area. People were evacuated and police tape was placed around the area.
A bomb squad determined that the device appeared to be intended to set a fire at the bank, but it failed to ignite. Officers defused the device and rendered it harmless, said Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.
Traffic was re-routed around the area and the Othello light rail station was closed for about three hours while the bomb squad investigated. Streets were reopened and light rail service resumed after the bomb was defused.
Whitcomb says the investigation into the incident is active and ongoing. Anyone with information is urged to the Seattle police Arson Bomb Squad Office at (206) 684-8980.
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