Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kauai, I miss you dearly....already.

White-rumped Shama.

South end of Waimea Canyon.


Spinner Dolphin doing its thing.
80+ percent visibility. This yellow fish swooned Lara away from the boat multiple times.

Tribal Death Mask Orb Spindler of Doom.
(Okay, actually an Asian Spiny-backed Orb name for it is better.)

Tail wagging on prompt. He understood the word "food."

Size matters....

Looking up in the bathroom at Tunnels....I see Her. 5-inch-long Sugar Cane Spider. I went back 3 days later to shoot this. I've heard stories of these chasing people across hotel rooms.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bummed On Self.

In my 21 years of skateboarding, I've done the following twice, now:

You get back to your car, a little tired from skating, and you lean the board up against the car. You take a seat, leaving the car door open, because, you're going to skate some more. You sit and drink some water or whatever, and due to reason A, and maybe B, or A minus B, or just out of sinking back and getting comfortable, you decide to throw in the towel and leave. ("I'll come back in the morning when nobody's here...yeah.") And you close the door to the car and you drive off.

Forget anything asshole?

The first time I did this I was gone for a full day, and came back and the skateboard was still there, lonely, sitting in the middle of my residential street in Los Angeles. Lucky?

This time the Gods did not grant me such kindness. They reached down and scooped up my poor lonely axe, and are now fingerboarding on the cosmos with it as I write this. Hardy-har.

Does God laugh harder when you announce your plans -or when you change them quietly and do something stupid?

No Gods. No luck. No board. Some little kid is reveling in his found treasure, and is probably still asleep somewhere, without a care in the world about plans.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Rainier will never cease to be stunning. And did you know there is a great viewpoint from the 520 bridge? And that there is no housing/development in the shot? (two of these statements are on image to get full timewarp experience.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where is my mind?

After work syndrome.


First "photoshopped" image. I immediately fell in love with the program. I already had a lamp fetish.

Selasphoprus Rufus

Green-flecked Rufous Hummingbird. Camera shy. Probably hates my guts.

Was just thinking I need a bigger telephoto when someone at work offered one up that she's selling. Hoowa.
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