Thursday, October 29, 2009



This is just a note to self....

The sitting woman became way too manic, and is now a manic collage, completely covered. The black and white (greyscale) face was done over the manic woman. She was just too hard to get the proportions. The B&W squiggles, who knows. I was in a brush stroke phase. The pieced together woman with her fingers interlaced was actually the first thing on the canvas with the other sitting woman and B&W face. (My dissatisfaction is economical!) She eventually evolved into an erased charcoal piece that is on my website. And El Dia de Madre, well, I never really liked how the drawing turned out. I feel bad about that one, because it was supposed to be a gift. Sorry Ma, still belaboring the process vs. my taste....

12/28/10 UPDATE: See completed version of Virgin HERE.

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