Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Irish don't like McDonalds?

"As long as there are people who are creatively empowered...there will always be the breaking of the mold. American movies to me, and I've said this before a million times...are becoming more and more homogeneous. Because the marketing objective...and marketing now plays such a major role in almost, uh, it almost obliterates everything else.  The marketing objective is the lowest common denominator. 'You can't put that here...let's put the car chase there, put the sex scene, let's put the fight in, let's get them back together, they end up happily...they walk off into the sun....' So that there's a formulaic predictability to American movies. That allied with the cynicism of the way movies are put together -the product placement and spin offs and ties and all kinds of crap that you know has nothing to do with the telling of stories...they've turned American movies into McMovies.

So that when the movie goer gets his movie it's like a hamburger. He doesn't want a piece of aubergine in there. He wants his onion, his tomato, his hamburger and his bun. And he doesn't want the bun hard, he wants it soft. And he wants it in two minutes."

-Gabriel Byrne

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