Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heligoland (Deluxe Version) Massive Attack

About time for a new release, thankfully. Not like their usual stuff, for the most part. Weird 5 minute songs that tend to layer the most music in the last minute, sometimes after the vocals have ended. Lara says that's a jazz thing. I don't recognize it as such. But I find it fascinating. It makes you patient. But it also makes the album grow on you. Each song, you like it the more you listen to it, even in one go. This is not a critique. I hate all forms of artistic/art critique. Just observation from a musical layman. I don't think it hits me like Mezzanine or 1000th Window, but I think it may be more complex. Might take longer to sink in. Definitely experimental, pushing boundaries or whatever. I think I like it, and think I might like it very much. Maybe in a week I'll hate it.

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